About us

Stein Aus Polen Sp. z o.o.

Stanowski Stein Aus Polen – is a new fresh brand with long-term experience in the industry. The company was founded by the owners of two companies who since 1990 have been involved in the production and trade of natural stone as well as in domestic and international transport. It is a family business managed for two generations. Our company has been present on the market continuously for 27 years. In 2017, we created a new company under the name Stanowski Stein Aus Polen Sp. z o.o. Since 1990, we have been developing a transport company in the country and in Western Europe. Whereas since 2005, we have been involved in the wholesale of natural stone. In 2016, we changed the headquarters of the company and since then we have been involved in the manufacture of products made of natural stone. We offer a wide range of products at good prices. We value TIMELINESS, EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY.


We look forward to working with you!


We offer our customers cooperation in the field of transport services with our parent company PPHU Usługi Transportowe Zdzisław Stanowski. We also encourage you to cooperate with a company which is involved in the implementation of construction works using stone from our production DOMPOL.

ul. Ofiar Gross-Rosen 31A, 58-150 Strzegom, Poland